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MATCH - MERGE     LOGICMatch Mergelogic is extensively used in COBOL programs to compare the data in two sequential files effectively. Only pre-requisite to for using this logic is, all input files to be in Sorted OrderProblem :I have 2 Sequential files File1  and File2.                 If Record exists in both the files then write data into FILEA                 If Record exists only in File1 and not in File2 then write data into FILEB                 If Record exists only in File2 and not in File1 then write data into FILECSolution: The effective way of solving above problem is, by using Match Merge Logic.Only pre-requisite to for using this logic is, all input files to be in Sorted Order.  First step sort I/P fileExplanation of Logic : Below listed are I/P and Output files data for say RollNoFile1File2                         FILEA                     FILEB                              FILEC10                      10                               1020                      20�������…


1.Where do we use TSQs                  Data in TSQ is stored as VSAM filesa.Pageup and Pagedown Logicb.For writing Log Details (as we cant use Displays in CICS)2.How do we access the TSQ using a Key fielda.Using RIDFIELD3.What is Sync Point and why is called as 2 Phase Commita.Sync point is issued to save the data till that LUW.b.This is called as 2 Phase commit as , first it saves the data pertaining to File, Db2 then CICS data. 4.I would like to generate only Input field (along with A, F, L) and not Output files in my Symbolic Map, how to achieve this ?a.Use Mode = IN   , in BMS macro5.How do you position your cursor on Map.a.Code   IC, in Attribute field of BMS macro of respective fieldb.Move -1 to Length field of respective fieldc.Using SEND MAP    CURSOR ( 100 )6.How do you test Physical Map layout in CICS region.a.Use CECI send Map () Mapset()7.What’s the debugging tool used for CICSa.We use CEDF/Intertest/Expeditor.8.How do you test / check the Cobol flow thru CEDFa.Use the …

DB2-IMS - Few Difference

Cobol-DB2Cobol -IMS

1Need to Prcompile
to generate1. DBRM (Sql Staments only)
2. Cobol Object codeNo Precompilation Required2Bind the DBRM to Generate Plan. Plan consists of
Executable SQL QuriesNo Bind Process is Required.
Here we Write PSBs to fetch respective Record.3Compile Cobol CodeCompile Cobol-Ims program4Execute Cobol - DB2 Program using IKJEFT01, where in we
Specify Program Name and Plan Name to be ExecutedExecute Cobol-IMS program using DFSRRC00. PassProgram Name , PSB, Name, Plan name Thru Parm Parameter

Why We needBIND In DB2 not in IMS

Say below query is written in Cobol-Db2 ProgramEquivalent IMS Call

1Select A, B, CFirst Define PCB to Fetch the field A, B, C
Where A=10Using DLI Callfetch the field A, B, C specified in above PCB

(Populate Key value 10 to SSA)2Above Query turned to executable query by binding Plancompile PSB (can hold n no of PCBS)3use this plan to execute the Program (while execut…