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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis :

I hope Below informaiton will provid you brief information on various steps involved in impact analysis ( when ur asked to add a new field?)

Impact Analysis : This is a process to identify the various Copy books or Programs of Jcls or DB2 table etc are to be modified/impacted due the new changes , to meet the requirement.As per the requirement, programmer will have an idea, like what are the New fields/Existing field to be added/modify in

1. Copy Books

2. Files/Jcl

3. Database

4. In online Screen etc.

1. Impact Analsys On Copy Books (used by cobol programs) :

  • Identify the copybooks to be modified as part of requirement in list1

  • Now search for various copy books Impacted because of the copy books listed in list1 and note them into new list List2

  • Now search for various copy books Impacted because of the copy books listed in list2 and note them into new list List3

  • Above process is continued till the search returns zero copy books impacted.
    Merge all above lists and eliminate the duplicate copy books from them.
    Now find out the various programes which are using the above list of copy books and list them in Excel Sheet

2. Impact Analsys On Files/JCL :

  • Find out the Varous JCL/Procs impacted due to change in File length.

  • Find Out Varous JCLs/Procs impacted due to Sort cards/ Datalibs impacted due to above change.

3. Impact Analsys On DB2 tables :

  • Find out all the tables impacted due to addition of new table fields
    Find out the load cards impacted due to these changes

4. Impact Analsys On CICS screens :

  • Identify various screens/screen programs impacted due to addition of new fieldsTip : Use 3.13 option on mainframes to search a field in specfic lib.


sanjuu said...

wow...excellent explanation...

the copy book impact analysis is really awesome idea..:)

The Serene Land said...

I had developed an Xref and Impact Analysis Tool for Mainframe Applications sometime back. Please have a look at it at